Life is hard, but so is death.

premade exclusive book cover 102 Eliza is a wife and mother, loved by both husband and daughter, but misunderstood and virtually invisible in her world.  Whens she dies, she feels a strong obligation to track her daughter, Emeline, and make sure she’s getting along without a mother.  When she realizes that Emeline can see her, she worries about her even more and struggles to strike a balance between responsible parenting and reasonable degrees of freedom.  It’s a difficult task, especially when she knows Emeline is struggling to juggle new love, friendship and a rude and overstepping house guest, Eliza’s own mother.  However, she knows she must try if she doesn’t want to lose the one thing most valuable to her, Emeline’s love.  In living life on the other side, Eliza learns something about her relationship with the world and may even learn something about her own self worth.

An otherworldly love, extreme sports and a literal battle for justice in a world you can only dream of

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Dream World is a love story that defies the boundaries of human constraints.  During the course of the story, high school students  Anna Davidson and Kai Walleigh discover their origins, which their parents have worked very hard to keep secret over the years.  Anna and Kai, are in fact, immigrants to the planet Earth.  For Anna, this explains much of the inadequacies she’s felt over the course of her life on Earth. It also explains the strange dream she’s been having as long as she can remember.  In her dream she floats across the sky of a strange, blue world. On the planet Cassia, she could literally defy gravity.  She knows that she must accept the limitations of her Earthly environment, but dedicates herself to finishing the war on her home planet Cassia, the one that her mother and Kai’s father had fought when she and Kai were merely babies.  She and Kai attempt to gather other like themselves.  They are not the only Cassians that fled to Earth to escape the war.  They come from all walks of life, but they’ve all dedicated themselves to a strict regimen of extreme sports; the adrenaline inducing activities make them feel a little more like the extraordinary beings they were all born to be.  Gathering this extraterrestrial group together has some unexpected consequences, hastening long awaited confrontations, whether Anna and Kai are ready for them or not.  Though Kai and Anna must face many challenges along the way, they find strength and clarity in their unexpected union.

New thriller coming soon. Alyssa’s life was so simple, until one day her troubles multiplied.


An unwanted psychic connection, a murder investigation into the disappearance of her good friend, Molly, and a strange woman who is the mirror image of herself are all surprises that await Alyssa Newton when she wakes from her coma.  When Alyssa begins to have violent memories involving Molly, she wonders if she might have had something to do with Molly’s disappearance, or worse.  It seems impossible.  She was in a coma, after all.  She begins to wonder, could this other Alyssa be at the heart of Molly’s troubles.

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Henry Billingsly is just an ordinary guy who wants to be extraordinary.  He knows no better way of rising to the challenge than being a part of a team going to Mars on a privately funded enterprise.  He’s ecstatic to be accepted into the program, but there’s one thing that makes him stand apart from the others on his team.  He has a wife and child.  With no promise of a return mission, he knows he may be saying goodbye forever.  Upon arriving, he sees that not only glory, but the basic necessities for living are difficult to come by.  His wife divorces him, his son’s video messages are becoming less and less frequent, and he and the team are in constant fear for their lives. Not only does it look as if funding for the mission is running out, but they are afflicted by frequent quakes that jeopardize the security of their pods.  If the team doesn’t find a more permanent way to secure the pods and get the greenhouse to start producing, their chances of survival are slim to none.  When Henry finds the prospect of true love on Mars, survival becomes all the more critical.

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