An otherworldly love, extreme sports and a literal battle for justice in a world you can only dream of

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Dream World is a love story that defies the boundaries of human constraints.  During the course of the story, high school students  Anna Davidson and Kai Walleigh discover their origins, which their parents have worked very hard to keep secret over the years.  Anna and Kai, are in fact, immigrants to the planet Earth.  For Anna, this explains much of the inadequacies she’s felt over the course of her life on Earth. It also explains the strange dream she’s been having as long as she can remember.  In her dream she floats across the sky of a strange, blue world. On the planet Cassia, she could literally defy gravity.  She knows that she must accept the limitations of her Earthly environment, but dedicates herself to finishing the war on her home planet Cassia, the one that her mother and Kai’s father had fought when she and Kai were merely babies.  She and Kai attempt to gather other like themselves.  They are not the only Cassians that fled to Earth to escape the war.  They come from all walks of life, but they’ve all dedicated themselves to a strict regimen of extreme sports; the adrenaline inducing activities make them feel a little more like the extraordinary beings they were all born to be.  Gathering this extraterrestrial group together has some unexpected consequences, hastening long awaited confrontations, whether Anna and Kai are ready for them or not.  Though Kai and Anna must face many challenges along the way, they find strength and clarity in their unexpected union.

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