Life is hard, but so is death.

premade exclusive book cover 102 Eliza is a wife and mother, loved by both husband and daughter, but misunderstood and virtually invisible in her world.  Whens she dies, she feels a strong obligation to track her daughter, Emeline, and make sure she’s getting along without a mother.  When she realizes that Emeline can see her, she worries about her even more and struggles to strike a balance between responsible parenting and reasonable degrees of freedom.  It’s a difficult task, especially when she knows Emeline is struggling to juggle new love, friendship and a rude and overstepping house guest, Eliza’s own mother.  However, she knows she must try if she doesn’t want to lose the one thing most valuable to her, Emeline’s love.  In living life on the other side, Eliza learns something about her relationship with the world and may even learn something about her own self worth.

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