My first published work, Murder and the Rose Garden by Jaycee Relic

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Technicallycharlotte rose garden this was my first published novel, and I made the choice to post it under a pen name, Jaycee Relic.  There are many reasons people use pen names.  Obviously it lets you to write under the cloak of privacy allowing freedom to make brave choices that you won’t necessarily have to answer for later, but to my mind it has always been a romantic perk of being an author.  That’s a silly notion courtesy of the little girl who held onto this dream of writing for so many years.  However, neither of those reasons relate to my choice to take a pen name for my first published novel.  I chose to do this because I knew that Murder and the Rose Garden has a completely different flavor from my other titles.  It was most likely inspired by my love of Charlotte Bronte, and if you read it, you’ll likely see that for yourself.  You might also be interested to know that my daughter’s name is Charlotte, also inspired by the author, and that’s a photo of her on the cover.

So, while I never planned to include this title on my website, it occurred to me that none of my other titles follow any particular theme of style either.  I tend to to like variety, and when I am done with one work, I tend to go off in a completely different direction.  This may not be great for the reader who is looking for a particular style to rely upon as they launch into reading the next book, but if you’re like me and prefer variety but happen to like my writing, please keep reading. I will continue to offer Kindles at an affordable price, giving you the opportunity to read each with very little monetary risk.  Occasionally, I can even offer free days.

Murder and the Rose Garden will be free Thursday June 2nd and Friday June 3rd, in fact.  Please take a look, and if you like what you see, I would love a review.  These early reviews are very important to me as I am just starting out, and they are very much appreciated.

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